Fireside Chat with Music Producer Robbin Marx: Aligning Your Business with Your Priorities

Each one of these chats becomes my favorite chat! Each one builds upon what the last one said and shares another nugget for creatives looking to grow in faith, family, business, and community. This one was no different. But this was my first time talking to someone I had not known for at least a year and networked with extensively. That’s right, I finally branched out and spoke with someone from my network who I haven’t worked with or met in person! And it paid off because New York City Music Producer Robbin Marx had so much GOLD to share with us that I am super thankful for the opportunity to talk with him about his career, advice for others, and how he is making the transition from being a former secular rap artist to being a music producer for Christian artists.

Many creatives start business with one idea and then morph as they grow in their relationship and walk with Christ. Robbin began as a secular rap artist who toured the world and was performing full time until he had a family and realized that he wanted to make his family his priority. He put his music on hold, took on a full-time job as a Youth Development Specialist for a major non-profit organization, and began the family life with no regrets. As the years passed, he dipped into music again on the side, when one day his wife and he were playing around on an iPad and he discovered a passion for making beats. Next thing he knows, he’s enjoying making beats for musicians and connecting with others within the industry through a new medium.

Robbin is an example of how we can shift how we attain the goal, as JRenee taught us. Both of them put their family first and ended up more fulfilled in their creative efforts because of it. Additionally, as he made this transition, Robbin and his family began attending a new church and became more verbal and bold about their faith. This helped him see that he wanted to intentionally find work with more Christian artists, which is how we connected through my professional Instagram account where I discuss voice discovery and how to authentically, responsibly, and confidently share your story. I was impressed with how Robbin reached out and established a relationship versus trying to sell me something and engaged with him in conversation, getting to know him and inviting him to talk more about his desire to create beats for Christian artists. (Robbin will work with anyone who aligns with his values, but as you’ll hear on the chat, he is looking to connect with more Christian hip-hop artists as he learns more about the genre.)

If you know his top 3 Christian artists who he would like to work with, connect him today and make those dreams come true! As we build community, we never know who could be reading or listening!


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Listen in on us and see what you learn as we talk. I will share the takeaways from the conversation in two weeks. This week I will be sharing the takeaways from my chat with aspiring beauty influencer Delanie Garreett. Next week I will share my takeaways from the very informative chat with editor and proofreader Nancee-Laetitia Marin (The Language Agent). This will help you have more time to listen and develop your own takeaways before I share mine.

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Thanks for supporting and listening to the conversations. Share your thoughts below and also feel free to suggest others I should connect with to help us all excel creatively in family, faith, business, and community as we grow together and walk out this life.

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