Family Fun Activity: Things We Love About Each Other


As you know if you’ve been around for a bit, I took most of this summer to enjoy family and stepped back from blogging and keeping up with extracurricular things. Stepping back caused us to really connect more deeply. One of the ways we connected was by getting more creative and doing more things as a family, but we also spent time together sharing our love for making things for one another.  Today’s Family Fun Activity is based upon a gift my daughter made me for my birthday this year.

I have this chin up bar outside my bedroom door that is really just a decoration. My daughter decided to decorate it for my birthday as a way to surprise me. She wanted to give me gift that she made herself, so she thought of things that she has seen me do and ways that she sees me light up and realized that there is something special about speaking life into others. She grabbed some paper and began writing qualities about me that she noticed – some obvious like me being right-handed or having dyed hair – and then hung them up on the bar so when I opened my bedroom door on my birthday morning, I was met with this very thoughtful gift!


I loved it so much that I kept it there even after my birthday and it is still hanging there! As I thought about the gift, I realized it was the foundation for a Family Fun Activity (ones that bring you together to make memories together). It’s a chance to get everyone involved and share some things you love about one another.

Here’s what you need:

Paper – lots of it. Fancy, plain, whatever you want to use.

Scissors – to cut the paper.

Hanger or straight bar on which to hang the pieces of paper.


Here’s how you do it:

Cut the sheets of paper in various shapes.

Use the markers to write things you love about each other.

Tape the pieces of paper around the hanger. (You could even add some string so they are different sizes.)


Diffuse some Oola Family or Gathering while making the project and you have the makings of a great family time activity in an environment primed for togetherness and love.

For an added bonus, serve this hot chocolate:









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