Fireside Chat with Susannah Ford-Crush: Drawing Lines between Creativity & Life

World Photographer, Writer, and Musician Susannah Ford-Crush and Voice Discovery Coach and Writer Shell Vera sit down to talk about Susannah’s career, life, and creativity.

Susannah is my first international guest as well as my first person who I haven’t known for a little while prior to bringing on to the series – and boy did she NOT disappoint. She set a beautiful bar for meeting new people and sharing our creative flow with one another. I am expanding and getting braver about who I ask. When I heard her music and read her poetry, I felt an instant connection due to the depth of which she writes. So I asked, she said yes, and now you get to listen in as we talk about drawing lines between creativity and life by being WHO you are, AS you are, WHERE you are.


My tongue is as sharp as a knife,
My words are as blunt as a spoon.
Never out of time in my life,
Can’t hold back from speaking too soon.

I carry my heart on my sleeve,
My badge of honour claimed through war.
I’m always the first to believe,
The last to throw love to the floor.

Through darkness I’ll always find light,
Through rough seas I’ll calm any storm.
If it’s worthy I’m in the fight,
I’ll debate the cold into warm.

Never one to leave truth behind,
Honest hearts belong at the fore.
If you’re lost then I’ll seek to find,
If you lie then I’ll close the door.

©️Susannah Ford-Crush

See the post here.

Susannah and I talk about all the things that make her tick, how we are using this time of crisis to create, and how sadness and pain can inspire beautiful art. The conversation was fun and filled with passion between two artists who are using this time to create and connect. Since she is in England, I am going to make this live Sunday here in the US so she can see it when she awakes instead of having to wait. (The calendar is all messed up lately anyway and you all are the best readers so I know you won’t mind it being posted a little early!)

Susannah Ford-Crush Quarantine

My favorite covers from Susannah include:

You can hear them all on her YouTube channel here.

drawing lines

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