Played Small by Empowered Fem

Another off-topic post, but since I have definitely posted less since giving myself a calendar, I am going to go with it.


This post from my friend Zoraida Basaldu, CEO of Empowered Fem, has been in my mind for almost two weeks now. I can’t get away from this topic and would love to hear what you all think about it.

Drop your comments below or over on her post…whatever you are more comfortable with.


I have never been played small by anyone other than the men I chose to put in my life, but I allowed it because I played myself small (a whole other topic that Zoraida will be addressing later in the month!). I have never experienced it within the corporate world, thankfully. However, if I were to see it around me, I would be really upset. I have been blessed to have always worked at companies where women were in all types of positions and were leaders at all levels. However, I know friends who haven’t been so lucky in their life and have fought this struggle of being played small all their lives.

Have you been played small? Tell us about it here or on Zoraida’s post

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