Applications for Your Premium Starter Kit, Welcome Home Kit, or Little Oilers Starter Kit from Young Living

Sometimes it can be overwhelming learning how to use your essential oils from your starter kits. There are so many oils and blends that you put it aside until you find the information you need, sometimes which isn’t for months. Let’s end all of that now!

Whether you are looking into which kit to buy or figuring out how to use the ones you have sitting on a shelf, here are some tips for you.

If you signed up as a preferred member, reach out to the person who you bought your kit from, as they should have a team behind them ready to help you. If you haven’t enrolled as a preferred customer, let’s talk about your options and which makes the most sense for you. The team I work with has many resources that keep us in communication and informed of new products, training, and more. We can learn as much or as little as we would like to learn based upon how much we are interested in. Some people use the oils and never build a team, some use the oils for year and then build, and others start to build a team right away. It is totally up to your needs and desires.

As a bonus for reading this far, here are some applications for other oils that I LOVE to use in my home and keep on hand at all times. Always check the ingredients within blends to ensure you won’t have any contraindications. For example, individuals with epilepsy should not use rosemary, sage, hyssop, or eucalyptus, and those with high blood pressure should not use rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, or hyssop. Better to be safe. Even natural oils can have contraindications when folks suffer from medical conditions.


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