New Kindle Release: “The Purpose in my Pain”! Buy Your Copy Today.

Hi Everyone,

I am writing today because today is a big day. I have been working with a group of 30 ladies for the past three to four months on a devotional that Dr. Tamika Hall has compiled for you. Wherever you are on your life, whatever pain you have felt (however small or big), there is something for you in this anthology.

Here’s the description:

The Purpose In My Pain is a devotional anthology comprised of testimony and devotions from 30 women around the world. These beautiful women took three months to examine the depths of their hearts and extract the purpose hidden beneath the pain. As you dive into the pages of this devotional, each chapter gives a glimpse into the restorative powers of our God as each woman shares her testimony, a devotion for the day, and reflective questions.

EDIT: Here’s a video from March 4th of Dr. Hall describing the book during our Fireside Chat.

I’d love if you would grab a copy for $2.99 for yourself or friends. Why? Because many of the authors are first-time authors and for those of you who were in those shoes as business owners, you may remember how exciting it was the first time you were able to claim “Best Selling Author and Highly Sought-After Coach”. I saw that smile!! Please click on the link below to support that smile showing up on other woman’s faces this week.

I have been reading the book today between birthday celebration activities with my daughter and it is truly inspiring. I have been in tears more than a few times. I look forward to highlighting some of the stories that impacted me the most over the next few months. If I can, I will try to bring on some of the co-authors to the Fireside Chat Series. But more than anything, I’d love for you to experience the book with me. Grab your copy and then let me know if you’re interested in reading it together in March! If so, let’s start a little book club here and go through it together. There is such freedom in this book.

If you purchase a copy, I will share with you a free download of the Psalm 46:10 Scripture Memory Journal that has only been released to my eGroup and friends at this time as a thank you for taking time to be still and read this book to hear all the scripture, love, and healing that I believe God will share with you through it. Just fill out the Let’s Connect form and send me a screen shot showing you purchased the book.

Have a wonderful day and evening, depending upon where you are!

Thank you,


back cover of the book

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