Slique, Strong, and Fit #2: Mindful Eating & The Slique in 60 Challenge

Good to see you again! I’m hoping that didn’t take the full hour to read and that you had some time to grab a cup of tea or breakfast between posts on this lovely Saturday morning! Speaking of breakfast…let’s talk about mindful eating!

Mindful Eating

Even though we aren’t telling you to follow a specific diet, one thing we highly reccomend is mindful eating. Mindful eating is not eating whatever you want, whenever you feel like it. Mindful eating is using the education you have about healthy eating and nutrition and putting it into practice.

Here are our top 11 mindfulness tips:

1. Check in prior to eating. When you sit down, ask yourself how hungry you are on a 1–10 scale, with 10 being ravenous. Are you stressed, angry, or tired? This helps to not only identify what you’re feeling but to also notice the times you tend to overeat.

2. Put your eating utensils down at least five times during the meal. This helps you not consume your meal too fast and promotes the digestive process.

3. Chew your food at least 30 times. Digestion begins in the chewing process and helps to release enzymes that are needed to digest food. Remember, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest food! The more you break food down by chewing, the easier it is on the body.

4. Practice the 80 percent rule. Stop eating when you are 80 percent full. It takes at least 20 minutes for the message to get to the brain that the stomach is full.

5. Use a smaller plate. The larger the plate, the more food we tend to put on it. Your stomach is the size of your fist; consume any more than that and you might be overeating.

6. Drink a glass of water before eating. This helps to fill the stomach and might help you eat less.

7. Try communal-style eating. Studies have shown that we eat 25–30 percent less food when we have communal-style meals. In some areas of the world, this is the only way they eat.

8. Try eating in silence for at least one meal a day or every other day. This introspective approach helps you tune in to the signals that you are full. You will also have a different food experience because your attention is on the taste of the food you’re eating.

9. Give thanks. Take a moment and give thanks for the food you eat. It takes a lot of effort and energy to get it to the table. Gratitude for the food you have is essential for a healthy mind.

10. Turn off electronic devices. The TV and other devices are distractions to staying present during mealtime; learn to shut them off while you eat. Food and eating are wonderful experiences that we share with others during the holiday season.

11. Change your energy around food. Don’t focus on all the foods that are bad for you and how much you want to eat them. Focus on the nutritious foods that help heal your body. When you treat yourself with respect and focus on eating as a way of healing the body, the shift in perspective helps make eating healthy easier.

Try these suggestions for a happier and healthier time with friends and family! You aren’t making healthy changes as a punishment to yourself, healthy eating is a celebration of all that your body does!



The Slique product line and Slique in 60 challenge

Supplements are not the key to losing weight or reaching your goal. Eating healthy, exercising, and working hard are the foundation of success. There are no magic pills for weight loss, but when combined with hard work, healthy eating, and exercise, the Slique® product line has made a huge impact on many people’s health!

The Young Living Slique products were designed to empower you to manage your weight so you can have the vitality you need to live your best life. There is so much more to staying in shape than just looking good. Even a small amount of weight loss can significantly decrease your chance of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, joint problems, and even cancer.

Young Living’s exclusive Slique products, when used with a proper diet and exercise, can help manage weight, create feelings of satiety, support metabolic activity, and provide nutritional support.* Using a unique combination of naturally derived ingredients and powerful essential oils, our Slique line of products can help you take a step in the right direction toward slimming into a new you!

In this class we will teach you about all of the Slique products, the science behind them, and when to use each product.

Slique products can help you see positive results in just 60 days! Jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle with the Slique in 60 Challenge! Young Living is so positive that you will be satisfied with your results that we are offering a money-back guarantee!

If you purchase any qualifying Slique kit once a month for two consecutive months and use the products faithfully and according to directions for 60 uninterrupted days, we promise that you’ll see a change for the better! If you’re unsatisfied at the end of the trial period, we’ll give you a product credit equal to the amount of your purchase.

Based on data that we’ve gathered, typical results for phase 1 of the Slique in 60 Challenge were 12.9 pounds and 13.5 inches lost. Typical results for phase 2 were 9.34 pounds and 10 inches lost. And typical results for our 120-day contest were 23.2 pounds and 23.1 inches lost.

Results for the contest were achieved by a combination of increased exercise, adjusted dietary intake, and the use of Slique products.

Those are some AMAZING statistics!

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Enrolling in the challenge also gives you exclusive access to a Slique support Facebook group, where you will be given daily education and support from brand ambassadors, product managers, and our Global Training team!

Comment below if you are enrolled in the challenge or are going to enroll! I can help you with your enrollment needs!

Enroll today with the link below:…/opport…/slique-in-60-challenge

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Come back at 12 pm EST to learn about Slique CitraSlim.

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