Slique, Strong, and Fit #1: Take Your 2019 Fitness to the Next Level

Slique, Strong, and Fit

Whether you’re a fitness junkie wanting to support your goals with natural products or you’re just beginning your fitness journey and want to know where to start, this posts and the ones that follow in this series are intended to be a class just for you! We will cover sustainable weight management with the Slique line, natural products for your gym bag and to enhance your workout, and supplements to help you recover, build muscle, and feel your best!

This class should empower to you to ensure you are ready to face this year slique, strong, and fit! Originally intended to be part of training in a face-to-face or FaceBook Group, I know many of you are still curious and like to learn on your own and ask questions when ready (I was you once!). I know you still aren’t sure how fitness works into the creative space (we are going to talk about that at the end of this series in our Community Monday post) and would like to take  your time – please enjoy doing so by reviewing the posts on your time. Each of the posts in the class will post on the hour until the series is complete for today (six posts total).

When and if you decide you are ready to join the challenge or want to start using essential oils, oil-infused and plant-based products, or more natural makeup options, connect with me and we will get you started! My team is excited about the year ahead and all that is to come and more importantly, that you are here on this journey with us!

Let’s dive in to the training, which comes from Young Living’s Training and Education department and has my spice included within it from time to time!



Welcome to the Slique, Strong, and Fit: Taking your fitness to the next level with Young Living class. Whether you’re a fitness junkie wanting to support your fitness goals with natural products or you’re just beginning your fitness journey and want to know where to start, this class is for you! In this class, we will cover sustainable weight management with the Slique line, natural products to enhance your workout, and supplements to help you recover and build muscle!

This class was designed to empower each of you with the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle and recover with natural products!



What we are NOT going to do in this class is recommend a specific diet for you. Every person has a completely different genetic make-up and what works great for some, is counterproductive for others. People find success with Keto, Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and raw diets and that is because we are all different. You do what works best for your body.

We are going to tell you to listen to your body and focus on eating whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods that will fuel your body to help it do what it does best.

As you may have experienced, healthy, sustainable weight loss isn’t as easy as eating fewer calories than you burn. It’s a unique combination of eating healthy, nutrient dense foods that are the best for your nutritional type and are within your body’s caloric range. Weight loss is not like bank account, it’s more like a chemistry lab. You won’t lose weight by eating 1200 calories of processed, chemical-filled food. Supplying your body with nutrients and reducing your toxic load will allow your hormones and body to function optimally to maximize your hard work.

Below are four tips to help you stay healthy, lose excess weight, gain strength, and make your healthy habits a lifestyle.

1. Eat whole, nutrient dense foods: Give your body the best. Your body works hard, help your metabolism and body systems run optimally by fueling it with nutrient dense, whole foods.

2. Exercise: Exercise helps you build muscle mass, improves your overall mood and helps to relieve stress by releasing endorphins, and strengthens bones and muscles to slow bone density loss. The benefits of exercise are far more than just losing weight. Exercise benefits everything from your sleep quality and energy levels to memory. From making you happier to helping you live longer, regular exercise is key to living a healthy, balanced life.

3. Reduce toxin load: Using personal care and cleaning products that do not contain endocrine disrupting chemicals help keep your hormones balanced and metabolism running optimally. Young Living has everything from cleaning products, baby products, make-up, and personal care products that don’t use harsh chemicals. For more in-depth information check out our Healthy Home class in the Units tab.

4. Focused supplementation: Supplements are not magic pills, but they can help you break through plateaus, recover faster, and fill in gaps where your diet may be lacking. We will cover supplements that can help you feel your best in addition to diet and exercise.



Whether you’re looking to clean up your diet, kick-start your gym routine, or completely overhaul your daily wellness, simply getting started can feel overwhelming. Our best advice? Start small, make a plan, and start today!

Setting goals is an important difference between success and failure, especially when it comes to fitness. A great way to set and keep your program goals is to use SMART (specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and time-bound) goals. Setting specific, challenging goals has shown to achieve a higher performance than broad, easy ones. This means that with the proper planning and measures in place, you’re more likely to achieve your goal—even if it’s harder.

Specific: Choose a specific goal, like exercising 30 minutes a day rather than the vague “exercise more.” Setting specific goals may seem like a no-brainer, but is more important than you may think. Specificity goes a long way in your conscious and subconscious mind and allows your brain to map your course to success. In research done with athletes, the more specific their visualized desired outcome, the more likely they were to achieve it. For example, runners who visualized beating their previous time versus runners who visualized crouching at the starting line, having their best start ever in detail, running the entire course without a hitch, moving faster than ever with ease, and finishing at an all-time record for themselves, were more likely to surpass their past records.

Measurable: Determine how you will measure your goal. Track how often you exercise, how many minutes per workout, or how many miles you run.
This is not simply measuring results, but additionally factoring in components that contribute to results. Incorporate a measure of the metrics that will get you to the goal instead of measuring just the goal itself, which is the key to the M in SMART.

For example, if your goal is to be able to run an 8-minute mile, identify what is needed to achieve this result and measure it. For example, if your form is bad, running harder with bad form isn’t going to improve your speed as effectively as daily drills to improve your technique.

Accountable: Develop a way to be held accountable. Share your goal with a friend or coworker and ask them to follow up, for example. The Slique in 60 Challenge group is a great way to hold yourself accountable and stay involved in a like-minded community all striving toward similar goals.

Realistic: Make sure that your goal is attainable. Set goals you can keep, like exercising 30 minutes a day rather than 2 hours per day. We are also more interested in sticking to things that are important to us. If our goals feel random and useless, then you will be less likely to stick with them. Make sure that your goals are realistic and relevant to you!

Time-bound: Establish a specific time in which you plan to accomplish your goal. You can create benchmarks for daily, weekly, and monthly goals, adjusting along the way. Goals that never end can be demotivating. Placing a specific amount of time around a goal is an important part of staying motivated! For example, setting a goal to follow a vegan diet for one month and then assess your results is a great way to begin a potential lifestyle change.


What are your SMART goals this year? We’d love to hear them and join in prayer with you that you will meet or exceed them!



See you at 11 am EST to discuss Mindful Eating and the Slique in 60 Challenge!

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