Young Living Christmas Catalog Sneak Peek for Early Holiday Shoppers

Guys, I am not a fan of Christmas discussions in October. If you know me at all, you’ve heard me complain about how commercialized the holiday has become and that’s why I share DIY gift ideas that have meaning behind them. However, I know some folks are planners and also love to buy gifts and create them from purchased items versus doing them from scratch. As such, I am reluctantly sharing the Young Living Christmas Catalog Sneak Peek for you guys in the same fashion that I will drag my heels to the October 25th preview of Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses when Hallmark debuts this year’s 10th Anniversary of Countdown to Christmas. Here’s to having totally managed to bring Christmas into play before the first frost… let’s make the best of it and enjoy a season of giving that includes gifts from our heart and shared with thought and love.


If you would like to see the unveiling, you can watch here:





    1. Right?! Lol I am not a fan of how early it is. I think of gifts starting in September because I make so many of mine. When it comes to buying gifts, I don’t start doing so until December, unless I found something earlier in the year. But the whole advertising the holidays so early… I’m not a fan. I struggled with whether to post. Ultimately, my 11-year-old’s logic won: “Mom, some people want to start now and so we should allow them to and help them know about great deals. If others don’t want to, they can roll their eyes and move on like you do when we walk past the Christmas stuff at the store.”

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      1. Lol! Me personally, it’s the corporate greed of it all. Shortly after Halloween, we’re going to be bombarded by Black Friday propaganda…

        I’m no fan either..

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        1. I do agree it’s become commercialized more than ever. I gave into marketing for Black Friday though I don’t participate myself for my writing or coaching services. I don’t advertise anything for my business but instead make my services a deal all year round. I think we’d need fewer sales and commercial marketing gimmicks if people would realize that to have sales, there has to be a markup the rest of the time!!

          However, with YL, I do like to ensure people know about the products available. I’m not currently earning anything from the marketing of it so I don’t mind sharing the info because I’m not profiting off of it. I have so many oils and products that I don’t need to buy anything else right now and we earn by purchasing a minimum amount each month, as with all MLMs. When I’m benefitting from it, I am sure to say so. You may not want to see the feed for me on Black Friday as there will definitely be a sale from young living. Some people really enjoy those sales and they do come up with great deals so I don’t mind sharing the Black Friday stuff. This one was a battle for me. I like to at least get past Halloween before seeing Christmas stuff. I miss the days when Black Friday was the beginning of Christmas. But retail took a hit so now we have to start earlier.

          Next year we’ll begin at Labor day… 🤦🏽‍♀️ (face palm emoji)


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