Gift Idea: Self-Care Kit for Friends

Have you ever heard a friend wasn’t doing well or had someone pop into your mind and wanted to send them something? I know sometimes it’s hard to think of what to send, so here’s some ideas for you for self-care gift kits or self-care packages for friends and loved ones.

To create a self-care kit, write a short letter sharing encouragement and / or letting them know you love them. After you’re done writing, include within the envelope some things that you think will be fun for them or pique their interest.

In the pictures above and below, I created a kit for a friend who has been sad lately. I chose to mail two words (brave and strong) that I found at the dollar store, some face masks from Wal-Mart, two Young Living shower bombs, some lipstick samples from Ulta, some brain puzzles, two coloring pages, and a hard-to-find book with Scripture for prayer that I reference quite a bit. I also included a couple of hand lettering cards (not pictured) that I created with a scripture and a prayer for her.

Here’s some close ups of what I sent (the top one is sideways on purpose so you can see the detail more closely):

Need some other ideas? I’ve got you covered with these six ideas my daughters and I have made for friends in the past:

  • Card games, notepads, and small nut mix package for someone who enjoys games.
  • Note cards, pens, tea, and some gummy bears for someone who loves writing notes to folks.
  • Brain games book, package of mechanical pencils, tea, and some mints for someone who enjoys puzzles type games.
  • Metal model kit and tweezers for someone who enjoys putting together small, metal models.
  • Lego kit and pack of gum for younger friend, especially if Lego kit is a play on something they enjoy.
  • Puzzle and tea for a friend who needs a vacation. Choose an island or mountain puzzle and relaxing tea.

A friend of mine once sent me tea, handmade earrings, and seashells from the beach. I loved that she thought of me during a time I was feeling meh about life and what was happening. It was just the pick-me-up I needed to help me remember to keep pressing in because I have people rooting for me.

What are some of your ideas? Let’s help people who may stop by who aren’t as creative and need some tips to job their thinking!

Also, as you go through the year, find little gifts in clearance and sale. Keep them in a special place in your home for times when you don’t have extra spending money but want to give someone a small gift. This entire gift actually only cost me $7.35 in shipping because all of the items were on hand for when a time like this arose.


    1. Thanks Bill! Just mailed it this morning and I’m sure she will when she receives it on Friday!! I love putting things together and considering how to put a smile on others’ faces! Have a great day!!!


    1. Thanks! I’m glad I shared it. I always forget to take pics and this time I remember right as I was going to put it all in the envelope. I have to remember to do that and get in that mindset because it’s fun to see others enjoying the ideas too! About to cook a new recipe I’m trying and see how it comes out… think I’ll remember to stop and take photos so I can share a recipe for the first time in a while?! 🤦🏽‍♀️


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