Fireside Chat with CT Psalmist for The Essential Creative: The Importance of Using Your Pain as a Platform

Each fireside chat has been special. I am still learning from the first one and this most recent one showed me why I love talking with people. These chats are enjoyable to me because there is an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

Friday night I spoke with CT Psalmist, a CT hip-hop artist. This half-hour chat covers an intense subject and shares an addiction many men and women struggle with but don’t discuss enough. I could decide between focusing overcoming life’s storms or the importance of using your pain as a platform, so I’m focusing on both points interchangeably since CT Psalmist’s music and talks empower you to do both.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with my takeaways on this very important subject as well as what I learned about CT Psalmist music and blogging. In the mean time, watch the video and check out the written interview we did last year.

To learn more about CT Psalmist – Garry Shepherd, Jr. – visit his website at and then stop by his social media to connect with him and hear his upcoming releases.

You can find him at:





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CT Psalmist

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