Sunday Sermons: Steven Furtick, “This Isn’t What I Pictured”

This sermon is helpful for those who brought with them into this year stuff that has been holding them back because life isn’t going as pictured. I’ve talked with two types of people this year:

  • those who have been crushing it and enjoying a mindset shift and turned their disappointment into drive
  • those who have been staying in exactly the same spot as they have been in because they are not happy with how life has been going.

Let this speak to you.



In 2020, I am mostly going to be sharing pastors I have been following for many years, instead of newer ones whose background I am not as familiar with. I am spending less time listening to others’ voices and more time hearing His voice by studying the Bible and I would like to ensure I am no leading anyone down a wrong path by sharing someone whose life and sermons aren’t possibly lining up. God can use anyone but I am going to do my due diligence. To that point, it will mostly be Elevation Church and Transformation Church sermons that I share for the Sunday Sermons series since those are the two I watch regularly. I will be rotating between Sunday Spoken Words, Sunday Sermons, Sunday Studies (debuted last week), and Sunday Songs (debuting next week).

Have a great week!




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