Three Great Side Gigs You Can Do All Year

Do you remember Laura from Edutude? She shared a post for us back in October about creative ways to help your kids learn outside of online lessons. We liked it so much that we asked her to come back and share another post.

Laura’s heart for helping both parents and teachers succeed is what really strikes us about her. In this post, she shares ideas for teachers who are looking for extra things to do during their time off, and those who are looking to start side gigs but aren’t sure where to start. We think her three ideas are a great start.

Fun fact, if you check out #FridaysWithNymeria on Instagram, you can see where I (Shell) combined dog walking and childcare to dogsit for my brother each Friday when he had to work double shifts! While I didn’t do it for money because–well, look at her and tell me you would have charged–I can tell you that it would have been a perfect side gig for me since I was working part-time third shift and was home all day.

Finally, as an entrepreneur myself, I have to be sure to remind you to talk with a business lawyer, accountant, or even a SCORE mentor in your local area to ensure you know all legalities around what you have to do. For some side gigs, you won’t require an LLC but will just have to register a DBA with your local government office. For others, you will need insurance (such as dog walking). As a freelance writing, many states don’t require to you to charge sales tax, but others will. And finally, child care is regulated in many states and requires you to have certain certifications. Whatever you decide to do, always be sure to check out the laws and tax codes so you don’t get in trouble with the IRS and end up owing back taxes. It’s not fun paying them for taxes you didn’t realize you owed, and the federal US laws are that once you earn over a certain amount PERIOD you own taxes, not just $600 from a specific source.

Three Great Side Gigs You Can Do All Year

Most people would think that early work hours, periodic breaks and holiday time-off are the best things about being a teacher. However, by now, you probably know better. When you aren’t teaching, you aren’t getting paid, and teaching isn’t the most lucrative job in the first place. You do it to make a difference, not to get rich.

With that in mind, a little extra income can often be both fulfilling and helpful when the school day ends. Here are a few great side gig suggestions that can fuel your bank account throughout the academic year and beyond.

Dog Walking/Dog Boarding

If you love pooches, why not make some extra money by taking care of other people’s pets? Dog owners often need people to walk their pets while they are at work, or to keep them while they are away from home. During the summer months, when people tend to go on vacation, the demand for dog boarding is likely to be even higher.

Taking care of dogs is fun, fulfilling, and allows you to get some outside time on your summer break. And if that weren’t enough, NPR notes it can also make you live longer. And you could expect to earn between $9.78 and $27.28 per dog per each dog walking job, which could add up quickly if you get a few clients.

Childcare / Nannying

If dogs aren’t your thing, what about children? Many parents struggle with what to do with their younger kids during time off, with several opting to hire a part-time nanny. Depending on whether you already have experience with kids that age, it could be quite easy for you to find a client.

According to Care, the average cost for a full 40-hour week of nannying is $565. However, parents are usually willing to pay more for a nanny with a higher level of education, bringing the number up to $663 a week for someone with a graduate degree. When the break is over, you can let your clients know you are available for weekend and evening work, as well as any subsequent school holidays.

Freelance Writing

Your skills as a medical teacher can come in very handy for freelance work, particularly writing jobs. Freelance writing is not always lucrative, but is better paid for niche work that requires specialized knowledge. If you are a decent writer, you could charge at least $30 an hour for your services, and up to $180.

Setting yourself up as a freelance medical writer is relatively straightforward. Sign up for a website like Flexjobs or PeoplePerHour, and spend some time perfecting your portfolio to reflect your expertise. You can then bid on relevant projects, starting with lower rates and working your way up as you gain experience. Freelance work is particularly handy as a side hustle when teaching starts back up, as you remain completely flexible.

A Note About Setting up Your New Business

With everything involved in getting your side gig off the ground, one of the main considerations before you launch is selecting a legal business entity type and registering it with your state. To help with the process, there are often 3 top considerations that help narrow it down:

  • the level of protection it gives you as the business owner;
  • the flexibility in running your business; and
  • ease of setting it up with your state.

For many business owners the choice is clear: an LLC. Typically the process can be completed in about five steps.

Setting up a side gig can take some time. You need to establish yourself, price your services, find clients, and establish a relationship with them. Your time off during breaks is a great opportunity to kickstart your side gig, too. Just make sure to pick something you will enjoy and that gives you some flexibility to relax a bit during the summer months – after all, you probably need it.

Laura is passionate about teaching and loves writing to help teachers, parents, and students. She is passionate in advocating that learning should be fun and should not just be confined in the classroom. Edutude is her brainchild to be able to share free resources for teachers and parents. 

Read more from Kris here.


  1. I already to the freelancing. I’ve actually thought about dog walking, but my two dogs already keep me quite busy with two walks each day. I’m not sure I’m up for more time with pooches. 🙂 But great ideas, my friend. There are ways to score some extra income if you are creative enough.

    Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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    1. When Laura submitted this post, I thought similarly to myself Bill! I am thinking of following up with a post about some sources for Freelance writing and other ways to learn about gigs as well as contests and submissions. Definitely takes work but so worth it!


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