Creative Gift Idea #1: Mixed Media Painting

Looking for gift ideas for family or friends? I am a fan of making gifts myself when appropriate and possible, as I actually dislike the commercial aspect of Christmas. Here’s one of many ideas I will share with you for this holiday season, though these gifts can be given any time you want to bless someone.


What You Will Need

  • Acyrilic paint – as many colors as you need to create the design you have in mind
  • A stretched canvas of your choice
  • A smaller, flat canvas
  • Three pictures of the person you’re giving gift to
  • Mod Podge to hold items on canvases and seal the work when complete
  • Any objects that go with the theme of your pictures and will fit on a canvas without weighing it down. You can also use items from the Mixed Media aisle at your local craft store.

What You Will Do

  • Paint both canvases as desired and let them dry.
  • Use Mod Podge to secure the objects onto the canvases and let it dry.
  • Using a brush, gloss over entire work with Mod Podge to seal your creation.

My daughter has a couple of these and enjoys looking at them, especially since printed pictures are harder to come by now. She likes to look at how she has grown when she walks by our picture wall.

Another variation is to do pictures on the thin canvas without putting it on the stretched canvas. Or to make one that accompanies the larger painting, like this one we did to match the above painting.

Looking for other gift ideas? Try these.

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