Summertime with Essential Oils

Summer is here! Are you ready for it? Just as we adjust our clothing and accessories in the summer, knowing which oils to use is really good information to have. We’ve got you covered! Our designer, Alex, at Well-Styled Essentials hooked us up with some great graphics to teach you exactly what you need to know! (This was designed for Instagram Stories, but you know I like to let you in on things on your time not mine, so please ignore the “tap here” notations designed for previewing the graphics as a story.) As always, I’ve added my own comments where I have some!



Sleeping in the hot, sticky summer heat can be the worst! I have been stuck on a blend of Valor and Sara for a few months now. It helps me sleep well during the day (since I pull third for a few nights in my week to get more work completed and help a neighbor while she rests) without any issues. Peace & Calming is the oil of choice for my little one (11 years old) when she is out of Tranquil. Now, Lavender words GREAT for many people. My little one loves to use it on stormy evenings when she really needs to sleep peacefully during chaos. However, for me it is like a super potent focus formula! So try out all three of them and see which one works best for you!


Yes and yes!! Stress Away is my go-to oil when I want to feel calm. Frankincense is my go-to for prayer and meditation. Both center me rather quickly and help me feel calm and peaceful. I will add Tranquil, Peace & Calming, and Grounding as ones that work great for me personally. Again, try them out and see which works best for you. Since we all metabolise what enters our body differently, oils can have different effects on us. Most people will feel a typical way but some of us just love to be exceptions to the rule! 


Yes to both of these. I add Lavender to my mascara as well for fuller lashes over time. I add a drop of both oils to my moisturizer before bed each evening. I don’t use them during the day during the summer because I tend to “glisten” – okay, yeah…I tend to sweat a lot when in the sun. If you spend too much time out in the sun, applying Lavender before bed will be a great blessing for you! 


You may have noticed by now that Vitality is Young Living’s line that can be ingested. As I am not your doctor and do not know your health needs, I suggest following up with your doctor before ingesting any and all oils. I see a naturopath who I run things by before trying new oils since he knows my medical needs and can advise on any possible interactions. Be sure you are smart because natural products can still interact with medications – such as how citrus oils aren’t good for folks with high blood pressure and Rosemary isn’t good for people with epilepsy. If you have done your homework and have the okay, then go for it. Mix the three of these oils together – one drop of each – in a digestible capsule OR in a glass of water. 

All that said, you can use the regular Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint oils in a roller bottle and get the same pleasure! Add 10 drops of each oil to the roller bottle, fill the rest with Grapeseed oil, and you’ll be thankful to be outside instead of running for the indoors.


I love Panaway. I typically will use my OrthoEase massage oil but if I am running low or am not at home, then I throw on the Panaway. Yes, I smell like I belong in a senior center but hey…I feel pretty good and can spike those volleyballs without pain!


Yes. Yes. You will thank us for sharing this tip! Remember to use a carrier oil for the Peppermint!


Same disclaimer as with the high pollen count oils. But once you have the okay, you will love these. Also great for taco nights, sloppy joe evenings, and buffet trips.


Love both of these and please use the same disclaimer that I like to share with Vitality because I know the importance of proper medical care. Thieves Vitality in my tea is life. Lemon in my water is also wonderful.


10 drops of each of these in a roller bottle with some carrier oil to top it off is a must-have for the outdoor excursions you will take this summer. Throw it in your bag before you head out for those hikes, swim days, etc. 


Love me some NingXia!!! You can mix the others in your water. Again…say it with me… same caveat as noted with the high pollen oils. Talk with a professional, especially if you take any medications – and stay away from Citrus Fresh if you are on blood pressure meds!


SALES WARNING!!! I don’t usually do salesy stuff with the education posts but Alex shared these great graphics that show each of the above oils is included in the Premium Starter Kit. Since I haven’t shared about the kit in this way before, I am including them in case you don’t already use the products and would like to consider trying them. I am here to help if you have any questions and would like to sign up for a kit. NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is needed and you aren’t automatically expected to sell the product. With Young Living we let you be a customer unless you choose that you would like to build a business, at which point you would let me know and I would get you the education and resources needed! We have a great team to support you either way – I love customers and I love people who want to make some extra money helping others.



Next week I am going to start sharing about specific oils not in the kits. I have been learning about some great oils for emotional health and living a full life. Since I usually focus only on creativity, this has been quite fun to learn and I want to share what I’ve learned with you in case you would also like to explore oils that help in other areas. The healthier we are in all areas, the better our creativity will be so unless I hear that you aren’t finding it helpful I will share about three or four oils each week through the summer unless I get some great class material from my designers or Young Living Training and Education!


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