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15 Work Out Tips & Tricks, and Young Living Products to Use During Workouts

As an extension of last Saturday’s class, I promised to share some weight loss tips and tricks. I am using several of these myself as I embark on going deeper with my own journey and FINALLY reaching AND STAYING AT my fitness goals. We’ll continue by discussing in detail some of the products that Young Living offers that you an use during workouts. As noted, these posts will be on Saturdays, the day I have reserved for in-depth teaching on Young Living products. The posts contain a mix of information shared with me from Young Living’s Training and Education department and my own input.



Work Out Tips &  Tricks

Weight loss is NOT easy. Technically all you have to do is burn 500 more calories than you consume each day and you will lose one pound a week. Simple right? Most of us know what foods we should eat and that we need to exercise at least 3-4 times a week, but why do so many other factors have to make those simple things so hard? These are some tips and tricks that can help!

1. Be mindful of what and how you eat. Sit down, relax and think about how hungry you are and what foods can benefits your body the most before you eat ANYTHING! I also take time to ask my body what I am hungry for. I know this sounds woo-woo, but it helps me connect with whether I am eating due to emotions or for energy, as I am focusing on eating for health versus emotional satisfaction this year. 

2. Don’t ban foods or food groups, focus on the good food your body needs! Because I saw so much success in how I felt while doing the #Last90Days challenge with Rachel Hollis and am committed to #Madefor100More, I have opted to eliminate red meat from my diet. It never sits well with me and I don’t like not feeling well after I eat. I want to ensure I get the proper amino acids, so I have started using a substitute. This guideline is more about not telling yourself that you CAN’T have something. While I gave up red meat, I also know that if my body were truly craving it, I would eat it as I would trust it wouldn’t make me feel sick. 

3. Drink plenty of water and never drink your calories. Water helps prevents false hunger feelings and helps your metabolism run at its best. I drink half my weight in water each day as a general rule. This makes me feel great, has caused my skin to have a better look and feel to it even during the Winter months, and helps me get an extra 2000 steps a day due to increase bathroom visits. (Joking…just a little.)

4. You can never out exercise a bad diet. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise if you don’t eat right. If you only have that last 5-10 pounds to lose, a really clean diet is what will get you over that plateau. Don’t forget about portions when thinking about a bad diet. You can eat great foods but eat too much and still struggle with weight loss. Eat what you need to feel satisfied, not full.

5. Hide trigger foods. Out of sight, out of mind. Try hiding your favorite in a box at the the top of the pantry and don’t let that delicious ice cream be the first thing you see when you open your freezer. This will help you be more mindful in your food choices. You can eat your favorite treats when you really want versus just because you see and then crave it. As a general rule, I don’t keep junk food in my house. I want to have to make the effort to go to the store and buy the food when I am feeling a desire for something that isn’t optimal for my body. This has helped me with doing less emotional eating as well.

6. Don’t let one bad food choice lead to a cheat day or cheat weekend. If you make a mistake that’s ok, just make up for it with healthier meals.

7. Get enough sleep. Research suggests that sleep is closely linked to our overall happiness. When we’re sleep deprived, our risk for depression increases and we’re more likely to experience higher stress levels. Sleep deprivation has also been linked to weight gain, an increased risk for stroke and an increased risk for diabetes. This is one I tend to struggle with since I work a side gig three nights a week third shift. This causes me to be off at times and not get as much sleep as I need on half-days of school and vacations. 

8. Track your calories, it can help you be more mindful and conscious of what you are putting into your body. It may seem tedious at first, but it is truly the first step to becoming aware of what you are putting into your body. Once you are aware you can be more mindful and conscious of what you fuel and say to yourself. These are suggestions. I know some of you read this and rolled your eyes. I don’t track calories but for some people it is super helpful. When I went from 250 pounds down to 180, being mindful of calories, carbs, and protein was super helpful. Now I just pay attention to what my body wants. 

9. If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. Plan your meals!!! Keep healthy foods in your home so you have options to reach for when you are hungry. I keep a general plan for my foods and then focus on which ones my body wants throughout the week. The fridge always has fruits, veggies, orange juice, water, Ningxia Red, pre-made salads so I can just grab and go, and nuts for when I just need some additional protein. 

10. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and empowered when working out. As simple as this sounds, when you feel good working out, you workout longer and harder and feel more empowered. I thought this was silly until I started wearing better clothes to work in than old sweats. You really do work harder and longer when you feel like you can see the results. That said, I work out at home or by walking so not a lot of folks are seeing me so I don’t have to feel self-conscious. 

11. Get an accountability partner or group. Join the Slique challenge with a friend, family member, or team better to hold everyone accountable to their goal. This is sooooo important. I have a few partners I stay accountable too as well as a fitness coach I stay in contact with. 

12. Focus on how you feel, not the scale. You can be making so much progress and living healthy and not have the scale budge at all. That’s ok! Take before and after pictures and focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so you may not be losing weight, but you are gaining muscle and losing inches. You can also fluctuate multiple pound in a day depending on the time of day and what’s in your system. Body measurements and pictures are more accurate ways to see progress. I only weigh myself once a month due to needing to ensure I don’t lose weight too quickly. 

13. Stay supplemented to prevent deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, this can help prevent cravings. Vitamins and minerals help your body run at peak capacity! I take a few supplements as discussed with my naturopath and physician. I use a mix of Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Fish Oil, B12, D3, and a Probiotic, and the Slique Shake. I don’t take a multivitamin because I get my other nutrients from food at good levels. I use these supplements based upon MY health needs. Talk with your physician about what you need. 

14. Stay committed and don’t be too hard on yourself! Weight loss takes time, it won’t happen over night, within a week, or maybe even a month. Learn to enjoy the journey of living healthy and you will eventually see results. Stay committed and remember extra weight took a long time to accumulate and it may take time to lose as well. I have learned this overtime. I go easier on myself while remaining committed. 

15. Never stop loving yourself. If you want to get in shape or lose weight, it doesn’t mean you have to not like yourself the way you currently look. You should want to get healthy because you love yourself, not because you are trying to punish yourself. So important to know. If you don’t get any of the others, please ensure this one sinks in! 

What are your favorite tips and tricks for losing weight?



YL Products To Use During A Workout

Maybe your News Year’s resolution is to gain muscle, run a 5k, or regain mobility. Exercising is a key part of staying healthy, being strong, feeling good, and losing weight! The benefits of exercise are far more than just losing weight or achieving that “bikini body.” Exercise benefits everything from your sleep quality to your energy level and even your memory! From making you happier to helping you live longer, regular exercise is key to living a healthy, balanced life.

Here are some benefits of exercise that don’t have anything to do with weight:
•Improves mood for up to 12 hours afterward
•Helps improve immune system
•Reduces depression, stress, and anxiety
•Improves digestion
•Slows the aging process
•Combats many health conditions and diseases

Young Living has many supplements to help you make the most of your workout! In our next few posts we will be talking about Young Living gym bag products—products that can help keep you going during any tough workout!

With so many supplements on the market, it can be hard to know what to use and what’s in them. Contrary to popular belief, supplements aren’t regulated like food. This is why it is so important to get supplements from a company you trust.

Young Living lists every single ingredient in our supplements—nothing more or less. You can feel 100 percent confident about what you are putting in and on your body because of our rigorous Seed to Seal® quality commitment and our transparency. We are at the forefront of the natural product industry because we’ve been using the best ingredients for 25-plus years!

Get the most out of your workout without harmful chemicals! The above picture shows some YL products you can use to enhance and optimize your exercise routine. We’ll be talking about them over the coming weeks.



Join us the next few Fridays and Saturdays as we learn more fitness and workout tips and go in-depth about the Young Living products that are great to use before, during, and after workouts! Here’s to a healthier, happier 2019!


The products we will be discussing in the next few weeks include:

As we post about each product, the link will be added here so you can click from here to there if you are reading this later in the year.



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Slique, Strong, and Fit #6: Slique Regimen Suggestion and Q&A about Nursing Mamas

Can you believe we have made it to the end of today’s class? For those of you who came back each hour to learn more: Thank you. You are investing in yourself and for that, whether you later decide to use these items or let them be more products you learned about as you were surfing the web this year, I applaud you. So many people WANT to do better but don’t know how. My goal here at The Essential Creative is to empower you not only to express yourself creatively, but to be in the best health possible while doing it. We rise together as we learn more and expand our vision. With that said, let’s jump in to this last part of our class today.


Slique Regimen

Not sure what Slique products to take when? This graphic makes it easy for you! What are your favorite Slique products?



Q&A about Nursing Mamas


Can I nurse and take Slique products?

We have received a lot of questions and messages about nursing and using Slique products. First things first: You should always consult your doctor or health care provider and take caution in anything you are putting in your body when nursing. When you are breastfeeding, you want to make sure that any food or supplement doesn’t interfere with your milk supply and that it won’t have a negative effect on your milk quality. Every person’s body is different, so listen and decide what is best for you! Some people are concerned with keeping their supply, while others aren’t. Slique Bars and Slique Shake provide great, quality nutrition, especially when you need those extra vitamins and minerals to feed your baby! Both products contain simple, wholesome ingredients you can feel confident in using.

CitraSlim is one of our favorite products. We love it because it uses plant-based ingredients, and the active ingredient is a mixture of polyphenols. This is HUGE because most products that are this effective are filled with synthetic ingredients. The main concern you will have with this product is keeping your milk supply because it was designed to help you burn fat. Everybody is different, some people need a certain amount of body fat to produce enough milk for their baby, while some women can still keep their supply with a low body fat percentage.
Some women shed weight like crazy when nursing and others hold on to it. Take the amount of fat your body needs to product enough milk into consideration and listen your body.

CitraSlim has a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine, but it’s much less than Nitro or any soda, and it’s plant-derived. Slique Tea also contains naturally derived caffeine, and you want to take this into account when nursing. Some women drink coffee while nursing, others don’t. You do what is best for you and your baby. One trick to lessen the amount of caffeine in Slique Tea is to steep it in cold water, and once you are done, take out the tea bag and heat the water up or drink it cold! The longer you steep the tea in hot water, the more caffeine will be in your drink!

With Slique Essence and Slique Gum, listen to your body and make sure it’s not affecting your supply or quality.

We hope after reading this post you realize why there is not a yes or no answer when using these products while nursing. Everyone is different; always listen to your body and baby and talk to your doctor if you are concerned.




Ready to join? You’ll need to purchase two Slique collections, one for each month. If you purchase the Slique Complete Kit, you’ll receive two free boxes of shakes, and with the purchase of the Slique Advanced Kit you’ll receive one free box of shakes! Find the Slique collection that works best for you. If you need help, connect with me and I’ll walk you through what you need to do to participate in this challenge, especially if you aren’t already a member and need help becoming one, as there are many ways to become a member and enjoy the product discount and added benefits of membership without pressure to build a business!

Keeping track of progress is important, so refer to the Slique in 60 Challenge website for the best way to keep a video diary. Also, be sure to check out the registration packet for details on tracking weight and measurements.

Looking for a little support in your Slique journey? During this time participants can become part of an exclusive Facebook group specifically for the Slique in 60 Challenge. Here you’ll find additional motivation, support, product information, healthy recipes, and workout tips; plus you can share what’s working for you and offer support for others in the group. This year the private Facebook group will be better than ever and filled with tips, tricks and motivation to help you during the contest. You can only gain access to the group by registering for the contest, but there will also be product giveaways in the group so you will want to participate. You will receive a link in your welcome email to the private closed Facebook group.

Can I order a kit on my account and my spouse’s account to qualify for two kits? No, the kits need to be ordered through the same account.

Due to the popularity of the Slique in 60 Challenge, our Slique® line of products is currently on backorder and kits will begin shipping on January 25, pending quality testing.

Join now and start the year off feeling good!




Join us Friday for Weight Loss Tips and Tricks, including other YL products you can use while working out.

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Slique, Strong, and Fit #5: Slique Tea, Slique Gum, Slique Bars, and Slique Essence

Thanks for coming back! This class is a long one and I know it’s been a LOT of posts for today but I could not think of having you have to wait seven weeks to learn about these great products! This post is longer than the others because in this part of the class, I grouped these four products together because they are the four I would purchase if I couldn’t buy the full line at once. This will give you a drink, gum, snack or meal replacement, and AN ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND!!!! Then you can add the shakes (or use them in place of the tea) or Citra Slim at another time. Let’s dive in!



Slique® Tea

Slique Tea is an exotic drink that has been formulated with natural ingredients to help support individual weight goals.* This delicious, rare blend of natural ingredients chosen for health-boosting benefits.

This tea has ingredients known to have the following:

• Flavonoids: dietary compounds generally associated with helping maintain certain normal healthy body functions
• Polyphenols: may be useful as part of a guilt-free weight management regimen when combined with a healthy diet and physical activity.
• Antioxidants: play a critical role in preventing cell oxidation and protecting against aging and illness.

Slique Tea includes jade oolong tea, which is highly sought after for its rich aroma and antioxidant content. The leaves are handpicked from the mountains in Taiwan and are known for producing some of the world’s finest teas. Slique tea also includes wild harvested Ecuadorian ocotea leaf, Ecuadorian cacao powder, vanilla essential oil, pure frankincense powder, and natural stevia extract. Slique Tea is a great alternative for sugar-filled drinks and coffees.

How do you use Slique Tea?

Slique Tea is great to use anytime you need a natural boost.
1. Bring 8 ounces of water to a rolling boil.
2. Place one pouch in a cup, mug, or filter and add boiling water.
3. Steep for at least 3 minutes.
4. Add your favorite Young Living Vitality™ essential oils as desired. We love Grapefruit Vitality, Lime Vitality, Orange Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Spearmint Vitality, and Peppermint Vitality. You can also try adding some Organic Dried Wolfberries for a berry flavor. Add additional Vitality essential oils once the tea has cooled. Heat may destroy some of the essential oils’ benefits.

Tea tip: If you want more caffeine, let your tea bag steep in really hot water for a longer amount of time. For less caffeine, steep the tea in warm or cool water for a shorter amount of time.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Slique Bars

Skip the processed protein bar and go for a Slique bar! Slique bars provide healthy calories, essential nutrition, they taste amazing, and are full of simple, nutritious ingredients, and are high in fiber, gluten-free, and contain no trans fats or preservatives! If you want a delicious snack that’s healthy, you need to try Slique Bars.

Slique Bars provide essential nutrition and promote fullness by combining high levels of fiber, protein, and fats. Slique Bars also contain a unique ingredient called potato skin extract. Potato skin extract helps to increase the duration of feeling of fullness because it stimulates the release of cholecystokinin in the body.

Did you know?
One chocolate-coated Slique Bar provides 24% of your daily recommended fiber.

Chocolate-covered Slique Bars have 42% fewer calories and 45% fewer total carbohydrates than the average regular-sized chocolate candy bar.

Below is a list of ALL the ingredients you will find in a Slique Bar! You will notice it is only made with simple ingredients you can pronounce!

  • Organic dark chocolate
  • Baru nuts
  • Almonds
  • Honey
  • Chicory root inulin
  • Dates
  • Coconut
  • Cacao nibs
  • Goldenberries
  • Bing cherries
  • Wolfberries
  • Quinoa crisps
  • Chia seeds
  • Potato skin extract
  • Sea salt
  • Vanilla essential oil
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Orange essential oil
  • Cinnamon essential oil

Nutrition from around the globe goes into each Slique Bar!
• Ningxia wolfberries are sourced from Asia
• Baru nuts, cacao, golden berries, quinoa, and chia seeds are sourced from Central and South America
• Almonds and dates are sourced from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East
• Coconut is sourced from Polynesia

Features and benefits:
• Good source of fiber
• Gluten-free
• No trans-fat
• No preservatives
• Manages satiety
• Potato skin extract triggers the release of cholecystokinin (CCK) in the body, increasing the duration of feelings of fullness.
• A mix of exotic nuts and berries, featuring Brazilian baru nuts, Brazilian goldenberries, and Ningxia wolfberries, delivers delicious taste and promotes fullness when combined with protein and fiber.
• A proprietary essential oil blend of Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Orange essential oils helps moderate cravings.

What do you think you would love most about Slique Bars?


Slique Gum

Most individuals consume far more “empty calories” than what is considered healthy. What is an empty calorie? Empty calories come from food containing little to no nutrients—particularly from added sugars. Things like cookies, donuts, soda, ice cream, hot dogs, etc., are good examples of empty calories. So how do you avoid mindless snacking and purging on foods that are providing minimal nourishment? We recommend practicing mindful eating; but while you are working on being more mindful about what you eat, chewing gum can help!

Did you know that the act of chewing can help control cravings and curb appetite? Chewing gum between meals and snacks can help prevent eating out of boredom or habit. This is nothing new—in fact, ancient travelers throughout the Middle East chewed raw frankincense resin for its ability to help control cravings and stave off hunger. This is the reason we included the benefits of frankincense resin our gum!

Our Slique® Gum offers the same benefits as frankincense resin and supports general oral health.* Infused with Peppermint Vitality™ and Spearmint Vitality, this oil-infused gum is a great on-the-go option you can keep with you in your purse, backpack, or car. It also contains frankincense resin, natural sweeteners, and xylitol.

We love chewing it in the afternoon when that midday sugar craving hits! Add a drop of Peppermint Vitality for an extra burst of freshness and flavor. When do you like to chew Slique Gum?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Slique Essence

Did you know water acts as a natural hunger blocker? If you think you’re hungry, you might actually be thirsty. Drinking more water will help cut down on these false hunger feelings. You should try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces each day. So if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink at least 80 ounces (or 10 cups) of water.

To make this easier, try adding some Slique Essence™ to your water with the added benefits of essential oils!

Slique Essence combines Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Spearmint, and Ocotea essential oils with stevia extract to support healthy weight management goals. These oils work together to help manage hunger, especially when used with other Slique® products. The citrus combination of Grapefruit, Tangerine, and Lemon essential oils adds a flavorful and uplifting element when you need it most, and Spearmint may help with digestion.* Ocotea essential oil adds an irresistible, cinnamon-like aroma to help control hunger, while stevia adds an all-natural sweetener that provides a pleasant taste with no added calories.

Staying hydrated is so important for your metabolism to run at its best. Your body is up to 60 percent water and needs water to function properly. Being dehydrated prevents your metabolism from running at peak capacity. Try adding a few drops of Slique Essence to your sparkling water for a refreshing soda alternative or adding it to a warm cup of Slique Tea.

Use between and during meals regularly throughout the day. Shake vigorously before use.

Note: Use caution when diffusing this blend. Stevia extract in this formula may impede diffuser performance!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


See you at 3 pm ET for the suggested Slique Regimen and some Q&As.


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Slique, Strong, and Fit #4: Slique Shake

If pills and packets aren’t your thing, that’s okay. I understand because I take many supplements to ensure I stay in good health and someday I feel like I couldn’t add anymore pills to my morning without hitting my gag relax too many times. BUT there’s relief! Shakes!! Who doesn’t love a great shake! Let’s dive in to learning about the Slique Shake.



Slique® Shake

Slique Shake is a vegan meal replacement that provides quick, satisfying, and delicious nutrition. It’s full of clean ingredients, vitamins, and minerals and is formulated with Slique Essence™ essential oil. This shake may support healthy weight management when combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet.*

We love downing these when on the go or when we don’t have time to prepare a meal; they’re truly a lifesaver. When you are hungry, you’re more vulnerable to reach for something unhealthy; keeping these shakes on hand can help keep you on track. The best part is that they come in single serve-packets, so you can easily keep them in your purse, gym bag, or backpack!

Slique Shake is:

• Vegan—It contains a blend of pea protein, quinoa, wolfberry, pumpkin seed protein, and alfalfa grass juice powder for vegan-friendly protein.
• Raw—Slique Shake is considered a raw product because it is processed under 118 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Free of soy, dairy, and nut-derived ingredients; artificial colors and flavors; preservatives; and cholesterol.
• Made of non-GMO ingredients.
• Formulated with naturally derived B vitamins, including natural folate.
• Sweetened with stevia, organic coconut palm sugar, wolfberries, and strawberries.
• A good source of potassium, folate (vitamin B9), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and chromium.
• An excellent source of vitamin C, thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), and vitamin B6.
• Rich in phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, molybdenum, iron, and niacin (vitamin B3).
• Fortified with high-potency manganese (150 percent).

Slique Shake provides a sustained source of energy through a split ratio of macronutrients that will help keep you fuller longer. It also contains a wide range of essential micronutrients and a fruit and vegetable blend that provides powerful phytonutrients to ensure you’re giving your body the nutrition it needs.

Let’s talk more about what macronutrients are and how this makes Slique a unique product. The macronutrients that we obtain from food for energy are carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. In Slique Shake, the macronutrient ratio is 38:30:20:12. So 38 percent of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 30 percent from protein, 20 percent from fat, and 12 percent from fiber. Young Living designed Slique Shake with these macro ratios to keep you fuller longer and to contribute to a well-rounded diet.

The carbs in Slique Shake are from organic quinoa, organic pumpkin seed, and coconut palm sugar. Organic quinoa and coconut palm sugar have been shown to have a low glycemic index (GI). GI refers to how long it takes between ingesting a carb source to the resulting rise in blood sugar and, hence, energy levels.

Fats: medium-chain triglycerides
The fats in non-GMO coconut are known as medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, and these are treated much like carbs. They provide energy-rich, sustained fuel and are perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles. The fats in Slique provide 20 percent of the total energy and are made up of MCTs to ensure that the essential fatty acids are included in optimum amounts. But MCTs have another invaluable quality: they are not susceptible to oxidation and rancidity, meaning that they do not contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In short, MCTs from coconut/palm are a healthy and efficient source of energy.

Vitamins and minerals (also known as micronutrients) in Slique Shake:
• Potassium, folate (vitamin B9), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and chromium
•Vitamin C, thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), and vitamin B6
• Phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, molybdenum, iron, and niacin (vitamin B3)
• High-potency manganese (150 percent DV)

Slique Shake contains 7 g of the recommended daily amount of fiber. The fiber is a mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber and comes naturally from the food ingredients. The high fiber content of Slique Shake encourages healthy digestion.*

Phytonutrients in Slique Shake:
Slique Shake is rich in phytonutrients because of all the plant-based ingredients. We have also added some additional phytonutrients like wolfberry, pumpkin seed protein, and alfalfa grass juice powder to optimize the Slique Shake formula and to complement the antioxidant nutrients vitamins C and E and selenium.

When it comes to meal replacements, this shake is as clean as they come.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



6 Ways to Enjoy Your Slique Shake

If you love Slique Shake and are looking for fun ways to enjoy it with your favorite Vitality oils, check out these 6 easy recipes to add a little extra flavor to your Slique routine.

Shaker Bottle Recipes:

Tropical Pina Colada

  • 1 packet of Slique Shake
  • 6 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 2 oz water
  • 1 oz. coconut milk
  • 1 drop Lime (or Jade Lemon) Vitality

Summer Breeze

  • 1 packet of Slique Shake
  • 4-6 oz. water or unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 oz. NingXia Red
  • 2-3 drops Grapefruit Vitality

Creamy Dream sickle

  • 1 packet of Slique Shake
  • 6 oz almond milk or coconut milk
  • 2-3 drops Orange Vitality

Blender Recipes:

Berry Banana Shake

  • 1 packet of Slique Shake
  • 8 oz. almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2 oz. NingXia Red
  • Top with cut up fruit and nuts

Mixed Berry Blend

  • 1 packet of Slique Shake
  • 8 oz. almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • Handful of spinach

Peanut Butter Chocolate

  • 1 packet of Slique Shake
  • 8 oz. almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp. cacao powder
  • 2-3 Tbsp. nut butter (we like peanut or almond butter)
  • ½ frozen banana


Which of these sound best to you for your Slique Shake?


See you at 1 pm ET to discuss the last of the Slique products we will focus on today before we jump into a suggested regimen!