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Positive Self-Talk

Quick post today elaborating a bit on my IG post.

Lent is a little different for everyone, depending upon your beliefs and denomination. Since Lent is the period leading up to Easter, the day that Christians have set aside for honoring Christ’s resurrection, I like to take time during this period to do something where I become a better person. I don’t typically do the whole, “I’m giving up meat” thing – and that wouldn’t really be a sacrifice for me since I don’t eat red meat except for once or twice a year. Instead, I want to give up something that truly needs to be given up and removed from my life. This year, I took into consideration my business and personal goals, how I want to relate to myself, and how I’d like the end of the year to look when considering what I could do to become a better person during the next 40 days. The decision became pretty apparent after yesterday’s workout: I needed to give up negative self-talk. For the next 40 days, if I say any of the phrases on the left, I have to do 10 burpees. Since I believe burpees were created by the devil himself, this is a huge deal for me. Here is a list from Jen Sincero’s book, You are A Badass at Making Money, that I will be using.


jen sincero


Who’s in with me? I have woman from my eGroup joining me and we will either be done with negative self-talk or we will be fit as all get out, but something WILL change through applying this learning from Ms. Sincero.

If we want a better relationship with others, we first have to have a great relationship with ourselves. More on that next Wednesday.


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2 thoughts on “Positive Self-Talk

  1. It literally took me decades to learn to give up negative self-talk. I still slip into it occasionally, but it is much better, thank you very much. đŸ™‚

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