Fireside Chat with Kelly Skinner of Soul Care Urban Retreat Center

In this chat for The Essential Creative, I chat with Kelly Skinner of Soul Care Urban Retreat Center about her launch, community, becoming authentic, and the importance of asking questions instead of fearing others. We could have talked for hours if technology would have cooperated better, as the conversation flowed smoothly as we shared our mutual curiosity and love for talking with others and creating spaces where folks from various backgrounds can come together. This is one I am still digesting because we covered some great topics and learned a lot about one another.
Soul Care is a new kind of urban retreat center. Its mission is to help people practice spiritual wellness in their daily life. It’s learning, resources, connection, and a quiet place for rest and reflection — all in one convenient location. Soul Care is dedicated to providing a variety of mindfully-designed experiences to help connect with self, others, and the divine. They have classes and workshops, personal and group retreats, appointment-based services for mind/body/spirit wellness (massage, spiritual direction, coaching, reiki, etc.), space for stillness, and memberships linking a supportive community are all offered. Area groups and businesses can also rent space for private events, workshops, and retreats. This is all done in a relaxed, serene setting accessible right in the middle of where people live and work—easy to access and flexible to fit into people’s schedules. The space is open and welcoming to men and women of all ages, identities, beliefs, and backgrounds.
You can find out more by following Kelly and the center on Facebook at… and by visiting her website at
Learn more about Shell Vera at for her Voice Discovery Coaching and ghostwriting / developmental editing services, or for her creative lifestyle community blog. You can also follow her on Instagram at or… to learn more about discovering your voice and excelling creatively in family, faith, community, and business.

My next chat is scheduled for mid-March so over the next few weeks I am going to dig in deeper to some of these chats. Kelly’s is one that you will see again in a few weeks because I want to expand on a few of these elements. If you’re in her area, please stop by the center and talk with her! I sure wish I was local to stop in and enjoy the services.




I will add some pins throughout the week in case you want to share them. For now, here is the one to go along with this post tonight.


Becoming Authentic


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