15 Essential Oils Under $30 from Young Living (Gift Ideas)

Do you start your end of year and holiday shopping early? If you’ve been around for a bit, you know this time of year is my favorite because we love homemade gifts and hand-selected gifts that we put together ourselves. I’ll be sharing some ideas over the next couple of months so you don’t have to wait until last minute.

15 Oils Under $30

Stay tuned after I list the oils because I’ve added some diffuser recipes for you!

  • Buy a few of these oils along with a pretty basket, add some shredded tissue paper, and wrap it with a gift basket wrapping to make a beautiful hand-selected gift.
  • Add some oils, along with a face mask for two, some slippers, a face mask, and some clear nail polish to make a self-care basket.
  • Purchase some oils and a bottle of NingXia Red, put them in a pail with a shovel and a bag of sand from your local beach or lake, and send it to a friend with a note to “Meet Me At the Beach”. Zoom with one another and have your NingXia while diffusing your favorite blend for some self-care in the sun time in the middle of winter!

If you don’t already buy Young Living oils, feel free to use my link, which will add you to my customer list. I will then share with you as much or as little information as you’d like based upon a quick conversation we have. All customers will receive The Oily Home Companion newsletter from Crystal Burchfield monthly and then if you request additional attention or want to build a business as a Brand Partner, I will walk also work with you personally to ensure you get the information you need.

If you need some additional ideas while you wait to see what new ones I share, check out these posts from the past:

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