New Kindle Release: “The Purpose in my Pain”! Buy Your Copy Today.

I am writing today because today is a big day. I have been working with a group of 30 ladies for the past three to four months on a devotional that Dr. Tamika Hall has compiled for you. Wherever you are on your life, whatever pain you have felt (however small or big), there is something for you in this anthology. I’d like to invite you to purchase a copy for only $2.99 on Kindle today.

How to Successfully Juggle a New Business as New Parents

Kris Louis is back with another great post, this time about business. We’ll let her tell you about it.

“Sometimes, life can be complicated with many new adventures hitting you at once. If you are starting a new business while introducing a newborn child to the home, then you know too well that this is the case. If you are in this situation then juggling will be necessary. You need to care for your baby but also make money to support the family. Here at The Essential Creative, we know how stressful it can be in the first few months, so we have tips that can help you care for your baby while you get your business off of the ground. “

How You Can Build a Happy and Productive Team of Global Freelancers

In this day of technology and a world that is feeling financial hits, looking at ways to save money through outsourcing (if you are in the US) can be a wonderful opportunity to let someone else take care of those tasks that would best be completed by someone else. Laura Pearson from shares with us tips for building a happy and productive global workforce.

Ready to Go Plant-Based in Your Home? Your 2022 Guide to Switching from Toxin-Filled to Toxin-Free!

Are you ready to clean up your environment and make it less toxic? One of the ways to do that is to have a plant-based, toxin-free home so your environment is healthier and more conducive to productivity and wellness. Included in this post is a calendar to help you make monthly swaps over the course of a year toward a plant-based home.

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